point a philosophy

Everything you think sends a message to your body. Create positive thoughts and you have a chance to make a positive golf stroke. Eliminate doubt, fear and confusion and the best of your movements will emerge.

Recognized for her ability to see what each golfer needs, Susie creates an environment that allows them to improve by having them focus on the positive. No two people are the same and her process in helping her students is always very creative based on the needs of the golfer.

Susie is considered more of a coach than an instructor. She helps her students in all aspects ranging from their golf strokes, to their fitness and most importantly to what they are thinking. She is highly skilled in the technical aspects of golf but puts it into simple terms that you can do and understand, thus giving the golfer the ability to re-call those thoughts on their own.

Learning a golf stroke is often more about getting rid of unneeded movements to make the stroke more efficient and powerful. When Susie teaches – she makes the concepts bigger and broader and the movements are not segmented into positions and pieces. Much like when we walk – we don’t focus on where our knees are or when our heal touches the ground. Simplifying motion and thought is much more productive than building a stroke step-by-step, position-by-position.

A golfer’s mind when performing a golf stroke is best done in a quiet and positive manner. Too much information or trying to duplicate numbers on a machine trains the mind to be active/ busy rather than in a state of play… a state of “nothingness”. When coaching, Susie’s intent is to have the player trust the picture of what he/she wants to do in their head and move with commitment and freedom.

reactive and creative

These two words are the same by just switching the C and R around. Be creative in your game. Be reactive in your game. React to what the golf course is asking for. React to the picture in your mind and simply move. Give the shot just enough thought to create the picture then be quiet and react to it!